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Questia Review

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Questia is a wonderful product for anyone who has ever been sick of hours spent searching through the stacks in his university library searching for an elusive piece of evidence to bring an entire research paper together. This study guide website brings a vast amount of information together to form a digital library that is invaluable for any in depth research paper or project that requires any amount of investigation.

Topics Covered

Questia is what it claims to be: an online library database. The amount of information contained on this site rivals any of its brick and mortar peers and is infinitely more adaptable to your schedule. The best part about Questia is that it holds not only a plethora of information, but several aspects of each topic. Meaning that any area of debate, discussion, or inspection has several layers of information streaming from various published experts on that topic.

All of this information is made better by the fact that it is available at any time, day or night. How many university libraries can boast such versatility? Not only that, but Questia is accesible anywhere a Wi-Fi connection can be found, which includes most campus grounds, laundromats, and other college hotspots. Questia adapts to your situation, and goes where you go, which makes doing your research infinitely more enjoyable and less daunting. Add in the fact that the site includes a search engine, and the amount of time spent on that project is greatly diminished as you can cut out the hours of scanning pages of possible bits of usable information and gets you to those "Eureka!" moments much faster.

Quality of Content

Questia's quality is the same of any regular library, because it is essentially a regular library whose books are electronic rather than paper and glue. This website hosts a large assortment of magazines and journals that are recognized throughout the academic world. The greatest minds, both modern and past, have been gathered together for your perusal, even without a class assignment, the information on Questia is impressive to simply read over to expand your understanding of nearly any given topic.

Ease of Use/Navigation

The online library is easily accessed. While it is somewhat more complex than the other websites that has their areas of information gathered into groups that are organized into tabs spread across the top of the screen, Questia does have an obviously recognizable area for you to type in your topic that you are looking for. A search engine searches through the vast database and brings you back the most likely results to what you are looking for.  There are even options for an advanced search to even further narrow your results down, making it easy to find the information you are looking for in a very timely manner.


Here is Questia's stumbling block. While it is unlikely that you will encounter any technical problems while perusing the website, if the odd chance does occur that you do come across a problem, then you may have a bit of trouble reaching the Questia support team. They are somewhat slow to respond to emails, and have a long call queue at times. So getting fast results to your inquiries may take some time.


Overall, Questia is an invaluable resource to help you find your resources quickly and easily. It won't do much for someone who is struggling with a subject, but it will help you to develop and research any topic that you might be looking into. This product is an amazing tool for any student who hates spending hours cooped up in a dusty library pouring over tomes and cracking their jaws to stifle their yawns.

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