Top Ten Reviews no longer updates this category and keeps it here for archiving purposes only. It was last updated in supplies its subscribers with a myriad of resources to help them in their comprehension of the various areas of information. The most innovative aspect that is presented on this site is the implementation of a teaching tool known as peer-to-peer tutoring, which will be explained in more depth further on in this article. With flexible subscription options, ranging from a free membership with limited access to the resources available on this website all the way up to a full membership for a very reasonable price of only $8.33 a month, this study guide service not only supports its members with a large array of tools and techniques, but it does so at an exceptional value, earning it the TopTenREVIEWS Gold Award.

Topics Covered covers a large variety of topics for its patrons to browse through and discuss in the various chat rooms and tutoring sessions. The various topics and themes that are discussed amongst the various groups on the website are meant to help students and give them resources to research in order to further comprehend the materials involved in the topic they are studying at the time. Some of the broader aspects that are covered on the website include primarily mathematics, ranging from Algebra to Calculus, and the sciences of various fields. The amount of information that can be found on is staggering, and the depth that one can reach when plumbing the depths of the resources found on the website can seem a bit daunting at first. This is where the Study Groups come into play and are a wonderful aspect to this learning tool.

Study Groups have been a key element to learning and improving one’s performance in the classroom since well before the invention of the Internet. The beauty of marrying the tried and true method of group learning with the modern communication technology that we enjoy today is a marvelous idea, and is also one of the main strengths of this website. On, students are able to join various study groups that are investigating a particular topic. In this study group are various discussions that are ensuing, conversations that can spawn ideas for a research paper, or can help clear up a specific area that might be confusing or difficult to understand. Also, students are able to post links and videos here of things that they have found that are interesting or different takes on the topic being studied, this can lead to several entertaining hours of research and will help the student to be better prepared the next time they step into their classrooms to discuss the material.

Quality of Content

However, the true strong point of shines through in the area of tutoring.’s professional instructors are available on the student’s timetable, meaning that instead of being forced to accommodate a tutor’s schedule, the tutor is able to adapt to the student’s far more busy agenda and answer questions when the student is able to learn. The tutor answers a question, and the student is able to view that answer at his or her own convenience, instead of having to rush to a tutoring appointment. The material is kept in an easily accessible location on the website at all times, so if the student wants to refer back to the information, it is available to do so.

Then there is the point of peer-to-peer tutoring, which is one of the major reasons why received our Gold Choice Award. Peer-to-peer tutoring entails that the students teach each other, and in so doing solidify their own understanding of a topic. Struggling students are given the extra added boost to their own understanding, and more advanced students are able to help their peers and gain points towards great rewards like an iPod touch or a new laptop. These incentives will help students who understand more of the material to share their knowledge with others and help them to better comprehend that which they have learned.

Often, students who are struggling will learn quicker from a peer who understands their situation better and can more clearly see the problems that they are facing. In order for students to qualify to share their knowledge in a tutor fashion, they are required to submit their pointers and information to a Cramster instructor who will scrutinize the information and make sure that it is correct before passing it on to the other students, thus ensuring that any material that is shared on the website is kept up on its quality. As students build their knowledge bases, they will become excited about the things that they are learning, and when they see their rewards come in from sharing their growing understanding they will be even more excited about this learning process.

Ease of Use/Navigation

The site navigation of is simple. Everything is divided up in easily manageable sections labeled clearly as textbook help, a Q&A board, study groups, resources, and practice. Each area is specific to a certain need, in textbook help you will find all the professional resources that can be found in any major source book, along with several explanations and further information regarding such materials. The Q&A board is where students are able to submit questions to the Cramster instructors and where they receive their answers. They can also browse the questions and answers that other students have asked in order to see if their question has already been answered.

The study group section is where students find the groups of their fellow peers that are researching similar topics as them. This area is invaluable to expanding a student’s understanding of any given topic, by allowing them to discuss openly their questions or ideas regarding a certain topic. The resources section is the database where students can browse through all the information that can be found on the website, which is conveniently organized into sections according to topic and includes a search engine that is remarkably efficient. Finally, in the practice section, students will be able to create quizzes and then practice their test-taking abilities with their newfound knowledge, making sure that they are ready for the next big exam. The website also contains an interesting ability to connect with the student’s facebook account, this provides an outlet into the student’s social life.


Another important aspect of a website’s quality is its customer service. is very customer-oriented. With numerous options of contacting the company itself, ranging from a live chat that is available from 9-5 PST Monday through Friday, as well as phone representatives standing by if you prefer the more personal touch, and a FAQ section to help you troubleshoot any problems you may encounter on the website, is definitely a step ahead of any competition when it comes to caring for its customers.


Ultimately, is a wonderful resource for anyone who is looking for help with his or her studies. It has resources for everyone grades 9 and up, no matter what side of the desk you sit on. Students can use it to expand their knowledge base, parents can utilize the various tools as a way of helping their children to excel, and teachers can find a very powerful teaching tool for their students on this website, especially with the free option available to their students.

Teachers could very well have their students sign up for the free membership and require their students to ask one question a day to the online instructors and have the students report back on what the answer turns out to be, might even assign them questions to ask the instructors. Also, a teacher could establish a study group on the website to help give their students an extra resource for their studies.

Parents can go online to help brush up on their own skills in a specific area, so that they will be better prepared for their student’s questions. College and high school students alike will be able to utilize the various discussion boards and instructor questions, not to mention the practice testing to help sharpen their skills before taking big tests, or help them to expand their knowledge base before writing term papers. Overall, is an excellent resource for students at a very affordable price.

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