Cram101 Review

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Cram101 offers a different perspective on how it helps its students. Instead of simply offering notes or summaries of materials like a large portion of other study guide websites. Instead, Cram101 offers different and scientific techniques to help students improve their studying of any particular topic. This is done through the students' own textbooks, using the information that has already been given to them and improving on those methods presented in their texts.

At $69 a year membership or $9.95 a month, Cram101 is a very cost efficient and well designed website. The main mark against it is the fact that most of the information was designed for college students. Also, it only has information for specific textbooks, which hampers the effectiveness of anyone who uses a different set of curriculum than what is prescribed on the website.

Topics Covered

Cram101 has a wide selection of topics discussed on their website. The main thing that marks this section down is the fact that most of the information on the website only applies to college students.

Quality of Content

The quality of the materials found on Cram101 is exceptional, a team of professional educators and researchers maintains and develops all of their materials, ensuring that their students maintains the highest levels of quality information.

Ease of Use/Navigation

Cram101's site is fairly easy to navigate, with a fairly sophisticated search engine that allows for variable search criteria, finding the specific information that a student will be looking for is easy as typing in the correct keywords in the search bar.


Cram101 offers similar customer service that other comparable sites offer. With a FAQ and email section, it is basically on par with its peers. The one edge that it has is the group of instructional videos on using the website to help you start out.


Cram101 is an excellent service for anyone who meets the criteria. Any college student following the curriculum prescribed on this website will have an amazing tool at their disposal. Anyone who doesn't fall under those areas could try speaking with their professors to see if they could arrange something, or could try any of our other top ten study guide services.

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